Drive, Fight, Survive

Let’s be honest… battle royale games are hot right now. We’re all having a great time playing them, and we realized that Robocraft battle royale game could be a lot of fun.

Looking at the other games, we realized Robocraft’s unique damage model and fast, vehicular combat could set itself apart from the other games out there lending itself well to a battle royale game. But would it? We honestly weren’t sure at all.


So, we set out to make Robocraft Royale quickly, not something finished, but something we could play and test if it’s even fun. In a few months we put together a basic map using assets from Robocraft’s battle arena maps and a modular kit that allowed us to make structures quickly and easily. Our terrain is actually filched from another one of our games in development, Cardlife

After fine tuning Cardlfe’s terrain we populated it with assets from Robocraft’s levels and threw down some spawn points. It was barebones. Nothing fancy. At this point, we didn’t even have a victory screen. So eight of us hoped into this map, scrounged for a robot, and the hunt began. We had a blast.

Finally, we spent time going through our Community Robot Factory (CRF) looking for 500 fun and interesting robots. We wanted a nice combo of cool sci-fi style robots and funny robots like dinosaurs and cats. All of the robots are generated by the users and we’re even able to get the designer’s name from the database to give them credit.

After a few more tests and refinements to work out the kinks, we knew we needed to see what all of you thought of it so far. What you’re going to play is our experiment. It’s rough… make no mistake. We’ve had a blast making and testing Robocraft Royale, and we hope you love it as much as we do.