Free-To-Play and Updates

We’ve listened, and Robocraft Royale is now free-to-play. All those who bought the game will be refunded, just click here. Don’t worry you’ll keep the cosmetic Dino Mask you received in Robocraft original. Thank you for your passion and commitment supporting our game.

Post-launch vision

Let’s discuss your feedback from our launch yesterday and how Robocraft Royale will move forward from here. We feel that the core of the game itself is strong and we’re really enjoying watching players discover everything that our vast world has to offer. We want to get as many of you playing the game and enjoying the features we are going to provide, so we are changing the game from pay up front to free-to-play.

We aim to bring you the excitement that comes every time you deploy from the Vanguard. For us the game is broken if a match starts with fewer than 90 players. To fix this we’re going to need your support. That means we are now promising a period of development where we bring you the features you’ve asked for. As part of this we’re going to bring you a series of daily updates that small changes and improvements.

So far in response to your feedback we’ve already introduced:

  • A new starter Mech robot to increase starter durability.
  • Greater weapon balance.
  • Fixes for some bots which were suffering stability issues.
  • New character-bots.
  • Frame rate optimization.
  • Audio cue improvements.


Development That Is Community Led

Here are some of the things you’ve ask for which we want to implement:

  • The creative expression and user generated content of Robocraft to the Royale genre. Adding the crafting element without sacrificing the core Royale experience

  • Greater curating of community built character-bots, leading to themed events around particular character types and styles. We also want to host all sort of different competitions in tandem with Robocraft original

  • Ability for user to customize their experience from choosing different control styles to equipping cosmetics.

  • Map update that will add greater depth to the players experience as they explore to survive.

  • Team modes so that players can party up with their friends and collectively take each other on.

  • Blue-prints so you are rewarded with the option to possess a defeated enemies character-bot.


Keep Telling Us Your thoughts

We’d love for you to continue to be apart of our growing community, we got banter, energy and cookies (see ingame). Obviously the more of you play the more we learn. Your feedback is the whole point of these tests. Let us know what works, both the good and the bad. This is the main driver behind our development as we strive to make the best game for you. Talk to us via these channels: