BRB, Need More Toasties

Dear Robocraft Royalers.

It’s time for us to implement building and reflect on what we’ve learnt from you. In the meantime we’ll be taking the game down in order to bring you something incorporating the improvement you’ve asked for.

At Freejam, game development consists of experimental ideas and building on that initial seed with a passionate community, that formula has worked beautifully for Robocraft and Cardlife. Robocraft Royale followed a different path and has not achieved the popularity we had hoped, the game is simply not engaging enough to compete with already established Royale games, nor did the Robocraft community embrace the product because it lacked building which is a cornerstone of Robocraft. It was always an intention of ours to add building but we admit not enough importance was placed on this aspect of the game in the early phases of development.


We have learned a lot from community that formed around us and the 65,000+ players that came to play the game. You’ve told us what is important to you and we relish the chance to learn from this in order to come back with a product tailored to the community.

Therefore, after much deliberation of the options, we’ve decided to close down our early access game on Steam.

We’ll take the time to reflect on what we’ve learnt and develop a new improved game based on improvements you’ve suggested


We’d like to thank everyone for your input and involvement with Robocraft Royale, your time and feedback will not go to waste and we sincerely hope that you will come back and see what we have done with your comments. Your input is invaluable, your criticism is welcome, Freejam can only produce innovative products with a passionate and vocal audience. As we go through this transition we really hope you’ll continue to support us and get excited for what is to come.

Thank you and long live the cheese & ham toastie!


Keep in touch

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