Frequently Asked Questions

Robocraft Royale is a battle royale game set in the Robocraft universe. Players will fight against 100 other players in a large 8 x 8 kilometer map, while hunting for the best vehicle to win the battle.

It’s literally an experiment. What you see is not the finished product in any way. We’ve slapped it together in a matter of months using assets from two different games made by Freejam. This is a proof of concept and we’ll determine the future of the product based on your response and interest.

Nothing at this point, because we’re still in the experimentation stage of developing the game. We haven’t determined if it will be a F2P or premium title, and we’re just trying to see if the game even works.

No. While Robocraft Royale robots are currently curated from among the wide variety of designs from Robocraft’s Community Robot Factory (CRF), you will not be able to build a custom robot to play in Robocraft Royale. That said, if you make a good bot for Robocraft, then it might just show up in the game.

That is to be determined, but hopefully.