“A chunky, vehicular combat game full of surprises and improvisation, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it next”
Rock Paper Shotgun (12mil+ hit per month)

“I do REALLY enjoy this game. . . I want to learn more!” Draegast (Youtuber: 1.4mill subs)

“What could possible make Fortnite and PUBG better? That's right! Robots!”
Gaming Faster than Light! (Youtuber: 500k subs)

Core Features

Robocraft Royale utilizes Robocraft's unique combat and damage mechanics creating a tense battle royale in the Robocraft universe. Search a vast, open world for the best vehicle to defeat your opponents, but be swift, 100 other players are hunting you.

Open World

Explore a vast, 64 square kilometer map complete with cities, industrial sites, and crashed spaceships.

Battle Royale

Fight to survive against 100 other players determined to defeat you.

Vehicle Combat

Choose from hundreds of robots and vehicles scattered across the battlefield. Tanks, mechs, helicopters, and dinosaurs.

Precision Damage

Take apart your enemy with Robocrafts unique damage system. Destroy their weapons and movement systems, then finish them off.

Player Created Robots

Fight with the most effective vehicles designed by the Robocraft community. Only the best make the cut.

No Mercy!

Destroy your enemies. No quarter asked… none given.